DABY Foundation Partners A Rocha Ghana to Mark World Mangrove Day

August 12, 2022





On 26 July 2021, Daby Foundation, in partnership with A Rocha Ghana, engaged Awoshie Islamic Basic School pupils to celebrate the International Day For The Conservation of The Mangrove Ecosystem (World Mangrove Day).

Mangroves are tropical trees or shrubs that grow in coastal saline swampy areas and have tangled roots above the ground.

On the Day of the event, the Project Support Officer of A Rocha Ghana, Ms. Stephanie Nkansah, served as a facilitator. She talked about mangroves and explained their importance to the environment. These enabled the pupils to identify mangroves in Ghana.

She also draws their attention to the depleting rate of mangroves due to Human activities and what we can do to protect them.

She added a twist of fun to ensure that the pupils develop their innovation skills and explore their creativity. They were guided to create their own 3D Mangrove Ecosystem


The pupils were excited about the engagement, and looked forward to doing this again soon..

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